my reflection

Dear readers,

It was my pleasure to participate  in the poetry challenge. I like it because everyone could read my poems. I am a great fan of poems. i love peace. i hope everyone enjoyed my poems a lot!


Poetry challenge 11#


The waves are flowing

She is alone with a dove

Painting a watercolor picture

Wearing a plain, light dress

Through the sound of waves

Poetry challenge 10#


She is a volcano that is about to expodes

When it does steaming lava comes out

The ashes fall down from the sky

Rain comes down

The land is now ruined

Now can not be fixed

Poetry challenge 9#

My Bed

My bed is a giant pillow


It is peace, love, jealousy

My bed is a place to dream on

My bed a a cozy nest

My is the best

Poetry challenge 8#


Love shines like the sun

It is warm like a blanket

Red and deep like a heart

Beautiful like a sunset

Love is a

spell that never break

Love is so strong

Poetry challenge 7#

I love Jesus
That is because he died for us
he took all our sins away
He is my redeemer
He is my savior
He is always with me
While i say amen

Poetry challenge 6#

I sit down in the sunset and close my eyes and dream
I am the cool blue
The deep cello sound
I am the shining ruby
I am the bright sun
I am the loud ,playful Universal Studios
I am lemmongrass
I am the playful puppy
i am the computer
I am a sour lemon
I am a mad scientist
I am Jenna

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